Selling home. Need licensed electrician. Inspector requires that Connectors and proper switches/receptacles be used with AL wring. Also, main fuse panel doesn't have shutoff installed. Also main panel needs to have ground checked and repaired if needed. Here is quote "The AL wiring should be fitted with special connectors and outlets to ensure safe operation of those circuits. During installation of this special hardware, all connectors should be checked for signs of damage or overheating. The main electrical panel does not appear to be properly grounded. This should be investigated and repaired by a licensed electrician. The electrical panel did not have a main disconnect. This should be repaired. " I believe that many of my switches and outlets are Co/ALR, but this will need to be confirmed and noted. Need to have completed within 2 weeks.

Brad S

Replace a GFI circuit breaker in the main breaker box. Note: There is also a GFI breaker outlet in the Master beadroom that controls this same circuit. So should the one in the breaker box be changed to a regular breaker?

James H

The hallway light has switches at both ends of the hall. The light will only turn on if the one switch is up and the other is down (as opposed to it not making a difference which switch is flipped as long as one is up and the other is down). This is a fairly recent development.

Bo F

My smoke alarms are hard wired into the electrical system in the condo I am renting. We do not have a management service that will help us with the repair should the unit need to be replaced. I will try replacing the batteries this evening to see if this solves the problem, but if not how much would it cost to replace 2 smoke alarms? The building is 8 years old, so I am assuming the alarms are just as old. Thanks!

Sarah G

i need a 220 outlet installed for my dryer. Thank you.

Zindrea R

I moved into an old cottage with limited outlets. I'd like to have a 220 circuit put in for a washer/dryer.

Jess D

I need electric repair done please. I have a hutch and one of the lights are not working and I’m requesting a quote for repair. I believe it’s the wiring.

Leconte L

House remodel, older home needs upgrade and replacement work, walls are open and are ready for work to begin. Need bid this week.

Carlene G

Recently purchased an older home. Looking to upgrade some power outlets, lighting fixtures, outdoor lighting, and garage. Also would like a bid on replacing the breaker panel.

Susan B

Older home. Need 4 hard-wired fire alarms installed to bring house up to code. 3 bedrooms and hallway. Small house, all alarms will be in very close proximity from attic install.

Ed S